Info about serialnumbers.

Here you will find my personal reviews of instruments that have been repaired or overhauled at MRO saxophones, and of which little or no information is available on the Internet.

On customer request MRO saxophones performed a modification to the LH pinky plateau of a Buescher 400 baritone saxophone. The modification wias performed because the LH plateau of these saxophones is quite heavy to operate.

MRO Saxophones carries out revisions to both modern and vintage instruments. That is one of our core tasks.
Here you can find some examples of these revisions.

Selmer serie 9 versus serie 9* clarinet :

Both the Selmer serie 9 and serie 9* are professional clarinets for the advanced player. They are not the same but there seems to be lots of confusion and incorrect info on these models.......

Here's some interesting stories about the Selmer serie 9 and Serie 9* clarinet I found on the internet : 

In November 2017 MRO saxophones overhauled two popular Buffet Crampon clarinets at the same time. That was also a great opportunity to finally determine exactly what the actual differences are between these two types. The RC is considered the entry-level professional model; the E13 as an Intermediate model. Because I overhauled both types before, I already thought that the differences were minimal, especially with the older models.

Here is the list of the different Selmer mouthpieces for clarinet and saxophone, with their associated markings.

There are many different types of clarinets built by Selmer (Paris), each with their own special features. Here's the serial number list of these clarinets, with the addition of a list of the various bores and barrel sizes.

For those interested: here's the tablature on the Selmer Marchi clarinet. This is nowhere else to be found .....

During the summer of 2015 four pieces of clarinet Leblanc LL came in for revision at MRO Saxophones. An excellent opportunity to compare these four clarinets and have a good look at the differences among them.