GENERAL ADVICE: It is advisable to offer your instrument for scheduled maintenance once a year (for extensive players and professionals) or once every 2 years for regular musicians.

Maintenance of your instrument is very important; not only for the playability and sound but also for the life and protection of your instrument. Many musicians clean their instruments after playing and polish it once in a while but lack the practical knowledge to protect their instrument for long-term wear or damage. This will reduce the service life of pads, cork and felt and the instrument will show previously defects. Correct cleaning, maintenance and storage of your instrument will increase both the durability and playability.

At MRO Saxophones your instrument is in safe hands ! We'll spend the time and attention it needs for your instrument, so no quick servive check, just wipe with a cloth and a brush and add a drop of oil with a syringe ... Unfortunately, these so-called 20-minute checks are rather common ...  a waste of time!!!
Maintenance at MRO saxophones might be more expensive compared to colleagues, but in return your instrument will have a complete checkup, with 6 months warranty! The use of small material (cork / felt / oil etc) is included. Defective pads will be replaced if required (at extra costs).



Clarinet maintenance:             from 75 Euros (VAT excluded)
Saxophone maintenance :      from 135 euros (VAT excluded)
Mouth piece maintenance:     from 15 Euros (VAT excluded)

MRO saxophones will perform the following tasks during this service:

1) In consultation with the customer will be determined what needs to be done. The instrument will be inspected thoroughly and testplayed to confirm any complaints.
2) The instrument will be completely disassembled.
3) Keywork is checked for bad cork and felt, and replaced if necessay.
4) Keys and rods will be inspected for friction and aligned / polished if necessary.
5) Pads and keywork will be cleaned if necessary (replacement of pads at extra costs).
6) Present oil will be removed.
7) Body is fully checked for damage.
8) Tone holes are checked and cleaned.
9) All springs are checked and cleaned.
10) Keywork will be provided with new oil.
11) The instrument will be assembled and checked for proper operation of keywork.
12) Keywork are adjusted if necessary (cork or felt).
13) Leak test to check closure of all pads.
14) Audition and adjusting of the instrument.
15) Final check.




Customised instrument maintenance is also possible. According to your wishes, from a basic technical inspection for defects to comprehensive maintenance check-up including cleaning and (silver) polishing body and keywork. Everything is possible : contact us for your wishes and a quote.
Associations can also use customized maintenance; MRO Saxophones can make you an interesting deal for multiple instruments. 

You always get a written specification of the work performed,  with shop findings included.
Every Maintenance check comes with a 6-months warranty on work performed

Don't forget a cleanup of your mouthpiece! Here at MRO Saxophones it will be ultrasonically cleaned and polished.

Maintenance for your instrument is usually carried out within a few days; Please contact us for an appointment.
Of course MRO Saxophones uses only premium materials.