• Posted on: 16 June 2015
  • By: Mark

Here you will find my personal reviews of instruments that have been repaired or overhauled at MRO saxophones, and of which little or no information is available on the Internet.

Reviews are always to be treated with caution, as they are stricktly personal. You might think completely different if you're testing the same instrument. There can even be a huge difference between 2 similar instruments, even if they look exactly the same and are from the same brand and type. But reviews can help you to decide if this kind of instrument suits you. I'm giving you my honest opinion, I'm not related to specific brands or get paid to write a good review. There might be other reviews available on the internet, so go ahead and Google around. If you find anything interesting or wrong on my reviews please contact me: I'm open to new points of view all the time.