MRO saxophones is specialist in vintage saxophones and clarinets.


As of March 1, 2019, MROsaxophones has stopped its business activities. This means that I´m only selling the current stock of instruments via the website and all other activities such as overhaul, repair and maintenance have been cancelled. For 10 years I have enjoyed creating MROsaxophones into a renowned name in the woodwind music industry, but unfortunately it has not been possible to make a living from this.

How MROsaxophones will continue :

1) The current stock of instruments will be visible on the website as usual: the built-in webshop however is offline.
2) You are very welcome (by appointment) for test playing in the workshop in Attendorn.
3) If you want to buy an instrument online, please contact us by e-mail regarding the handling.
4) Payment can be made via a regular bank transfer or in cash on pick-up.
5) Shipping instruments remains possible: shipping costs are for the buyer.

Any questions or remarks? Let me know.......
Phone : +31 6 42143992 or +49 15151179146