MRO saxophones : vintage saxophones and clarinets.


Welcome to MROsaxophones!


MROsaxophones is a private collection of vintage saxophones and clarinets, available to collectors and musicians. The main focus is on the American brand Conn, such as the 6M and 10M Ladyface models. There´s a sax from almost every year between 1928 and 1955 : a unique collection! In addition we have a number of vintage clarinets from the French top-brands Buffet Crampon and Selmer.
For a complete overview of all instruments, see the section "Occasion".


As of March 1, 2019, MROsaxophones has stopped its business activities. The instruments are housed in a private collection. All other activities such as overhaul, repair and maintenance for customers have been cancelled. For 10 years I enjoyed creating MROsaxophones into a renowned name in the woodwind music industry, but unfortunately it has not been possible to make a living from this.


How MROsaxophones will continue :

1) The current stock of instruments will be available as a private collection to enthousiasts, collectors and musicians
2) You are welcome (by appointment) for test playing in the workshop in Attendorn.
3) If you want to buy an instrument, please contact us by e-mail regarding the handling.
4) Shipping instruments remains possible: shipping costs are for the buyer. I prefer personal contact, however.....

Questions or remarks? Let me know.......
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