Yamaha YTS-62 purple logo versus YTS-32 purple logo

  • Posted on: 5 June 2018
  • By: Mark

This week MRO saxophones received a Yamaha YTS-62 purple logo for repair. That was a great opportunity to determine the differences between the YTS-62 and the YTS-32. A lot of information can be found on the various internet forums, and it is even claimed that the YTS-32 is a 'stripped-down' version of the YTS-62. Is this true? ...... Time to put both saxes on the workbench and inspect them accurately!

Here´s an overview of the differences:
1) Neck receiver: 62 = Selmer style, 32 = simple receiver.
2) Lacquer: 62 = dark colored lacquer, 32 = lighter colored lacquer.
3) Engraving: 62 = engraved, 32 = not engraved.
4) Thumb rest: 62 = adjustable plastic thumb rest, 32 = solid metal thumb rest (not adjustable).
5) Key guards: 62 = screw-in bumpers, 32 = fixed felt bumpers.
6) Fastening ring body: 62 = beautifully worked (Selmer style), 32 = simple metal ring.
7) Soldering brackets: 62 = Selmer style , 32 = simple designed.
8) Pants guard : 62 = Selmer style : 32 = simple design.
9) High E guard : 62 = slotted guide, 32 = simple bracket.
10) Neck : 62 = slotted guide, 32 = simple bracket.
11) Neck : 62 = standard reinforcement at the bottom of the neck, 32 = simple metal strip at the bottom of the bracket.

The differences do not affect sound or playability. The necks are interchangeable and have the same tenon diameter: both saxes have the same bore. The pads are identical, with plastic resonators. Keywork is interchangeable between both models and are therefore identical. We can indeed conclude that the YTS-32 purple logo and the YTS-62 purple logo are basically identical saxophones! However, the value of a YTS-62 is considerably higher than that of a YTS-32. So if you are looking for a favorable alternative (and actually the same sax .....) then the YTS-32 is an excellent and cheaper alternative.

The photos of both instruments are in the appendix (the YST-62 is the bottom instrument).

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