Clarinet LeBlanc LL differences

  • Posted on: 27 August 2015
  • By: Mark

During the summer of 2015 four pieces of clarinet Leblanc LL came in for revision at MRO Saxophones. An excellent opportunity to compare these four clarinets and have a good look at the differences among them, as additional information to the data on the website of Clarinet Perfection.

It concerns the following four serial numbers:
1) Serial 21966 (built in December 1964)
2) Serial 51099 (built in 1980)
3) Serial 60043 (built in 1986)
4) Serial 60529 (built 1986)

Here my findings (serial 21966 deviates the most):

1) Serial 21966 has a different position of the stud of the low F key: The screw is the other way around.

2) Serial 21966 has a different slot in the body near the LH little finger key studs.
3) Serial 21966 has a threaded stud without stop Eb key; the other three have normal stop soldered onto this stud.

4) Serial 21966 has the inscription "France" on the upper main part.

5) Serial 21966 has a longer slot on the upper head portion for the high A spring.

6) Serial 21966 has a slot on the upper main part of the RH Bb spring; the other three have been the normal round spring guide.
7) Serial 21966 has a smaller diameter octave pipe of 3.00 mm. The other three have a diameter of 3.10 mm.
8) Serial 21966 has a different position of the spring guide for the octave key.
9) Serial 21966 has the standard screws with stops; the other three have screws with continuous threads that can be completely screwed into the stud.

10) Serial 21966 and 51099 have serial triangle shape trill key guide on the upper main part; the other two have the milled round key guide.

All LeBlanc LL clarinets have the following general characteristics for identification:
1) Phosphor bronze springs (without spikes).
2) All parts of premium grenadilla wood.
3) Nickel plated or silvered keywork.
4) Bore = 14.65 / 14.90 mm
5) Fully screw-screws without stop.
6) The well-known LL logo on the upper main part.
7) Separate shafts and studs for low Eb and low F valve.
8) Separate shafts and studs for RH trill keys.



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