At MRO saxophones we do overhaul and refurbishment of both modern and vintage saxophones and clarinets.

We speak of revision when the instrument is still in reasonably playable state.
We speak of renovation if the instrument in such a state that it must be completely rebuilt. This is often the case with vintage instruments.

A complete overhaul or renovation is highly labor-intensive (and therefore expensive) and may take several weeks, depending on the supply of spare parts. Pad sizes are individually measured during disassembly and only then ordered specifically for unique customer order. We do not use standard pad kits; these are not always exactly appropriate for a specific instrument.
Naturally, the customer is completely free in the choice of materials to be used as type of pads and color of elt.

Warranty on an overhaul or renovation is one year after delivery.

You can use the following as guideline prices for a revision (price per 01.06.2018).

Bb Clarinet: € 185.00
Soprano Saxophone: € 550.00
Alto Saxophone: € 550.00
Tenor Saxophone: € 550.00
Baritone Saxophone: € 650.00

- Prices for a renovation to be determined in consultation.
- Prices are exlusive of VAT and subject to change.
- For silver instruments and vintage instruments an additional charge is applicable, depending on condition of the instrument. This will always be determined in advance in consultation with the client so that you are not facing unexpected surprises.