MRO saxophones specializes in many types of modifications for your instrument !!!

We distinguish two major types for modification:

1) Adjustments to the keywork (ergonomic modifications) to enhance playability.
2) Adjustment of the entire instrument to improve the sound and tuning.

The first modification is well known. Here we'll adjust one or more keys and / or springs to make them easier to operate. For example : the adjustment of the left hand little finger plateau. Often much benefit can be gained here.
Another modification is the movements of specific keys. This can be the case if the customer can not use certain fingers.

The second modification is much less well known, and comprises a much wider spectrum of the instrument. Tuning a saxophone (or clarinet) standard happened by moving the mouth piece on the neck. This has greater influence on the upper notes than on the lower notes. Also, the height of the keywork is of influence for tuning, as well as the bore and dimensions of the neck. All this is a very complex and technical story ..... Professional modification is our specialty : MRO Saxophones knows how this can be done for your instrument!