Modification alto saxophone Conn

  • Posted on: 26 August 2015
  • By: Mark

On behalf of a client MRO saxophones performed a modification to a modern Conn alto saxophone. The customer could not normally play the saxophone due to an accident because the fingers of his left hand had been cut short. By disassembling high D, Eb, E blow the client can now play the instrument once again, but without the high notes. That was however no problem for the customer.
Before coming to MRO Saxophones the seller of the instrument (music shop) removed the 3 LH side keys and the tone holes closed with cork and sealed them with silicone. This caused leaks and a dull tone of the instrument. The three open tone holes are now properly closed by MRO Saxophones using imitation pearl buttons. The sound of the instrument is not changed by this.
A very simple and effective solution! See the photos for the result.

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