Conn 6M VIII Ladyface (1945)

  • Posted on: 11 May 2023
  • By: Mark

Very hard to find : a 6M Ladyface war-horn in the VIII-version, silver plated and in very good condition! Not many horns were built during WW2, with only a handful of the 6M VIII saxes. It has a larger VIII identification both on the body and the neck, compared to the standard VIII stamp. On the neck it´s upside down, typical for these larger VIII stamp…. Serial 311723 was built early 1945, when the USA troops were entering Germany and the Japanese army suffered heavy losses.
Almost everything is original on this horn. There´s no US engraving on the bell, so this is most likely a customer order. Also the case is more luxury as the standard Conn case.

This silver plated 6M is in almost mint condition. There´s no damage at all to this sax: no dents, repairs or silver wear. The neck is in perfect condition,  has no pull-down and the microtuner is fully functional. Original cellulose rollers, tone holes are straight and the locking screws are all present.
The sax was overhauled by it´s previous owner in 2022 and hardly played after the job. The silver finish was not polished, giving this horn a unique vintage look.