Conn 10M Ladyface (1941)

  • Posted on: 12 August 2021
  • By: Mark

Undoubtedly, the Conn 10M Ladyface is a legendary instrument. It is still used by many professional saxophonists, especially in the jazz scene. Much general information can be found online via the various sax forums, and via the Saxpics site. The pre-war 10M is the most sought after and a nice example without damage is hard to find. Why is this sax so loved? Two reasons ; the unique sound and the unlimited power that the sax produces. You just feel it vibrating in your hands......
The predecessor (the Transitional and the ChuBerry) also have these properties, but their keywork is not very ergonomic and the tuning is less good compared to a 10M.
MROsaxophones has found a great example in the USA! Serial number 2956xx was built in early 1941, before the USA became involved in the war in December 1941 with the air raid on Pearl Harbor. Conn then virtually stopped producing musical instruments and produced altimeters and other instruments for the US Air Force until late 1945.
This 10M is a perfect candidate for a complete and personal overhaul. It is currently in excellent playable condition, with older pads that still cover well. The sax has virtually no damage or dents, and is completely original. The lacquer has almost disappeared and the sax has oxidized quite a bit over the years. That is purely optical, there are no rust spots due to moisture. Of course I can carry out the overhaul for you, entirely according to your wishes!