Artikel: Buffet Crampon - Evette Schaeffer

Buffet Crampon - Paris
Bb clarinet
Evette Schaeffer
Manufactoring date:
Grenadille parts with nickel plated keywork
Buffet Crampon - Evette Schaeffer
Brand : Buffet Crampon - Paris
Type : Evette Schaeffer
Serial : K33770
Year : 1974

General description : This Evette Schaeffer was made at the main Buffet Crampon factories in Paris in 1974. The Evette Schaeffer was renamed to the E13 model around 1981. Grenadille wooden parts with nickel plated keywork. Engraved oval logo `Evette Schaeffer – Paris – France – Modele Buffet Crampon – Made in France` on all parts. This is an excellent intermediate clarinet, almost identical to the Buffet E13 model. Bore is also identical : 14.65 – 14.50 mm. The wood of these older clarinets is of way better quality compared to a new clarinet.

Condition : Overhauled by previous owner in 2021. This clarinet is in excellent condition, without only minor wear on the keywork. No cracks, no damage. It comes in it´s original case, in good condition and fully functional. The original mouthpiece (Chedeville version) size C is included, as well as the original end cap and a Selmer ligature. This mouthpiece is in almost mint condition and very sought after.

Warranty : As-is : no warranty.

Level : intermediate

Main upper and lower part :  Grenadille wood
Condition : very good, no damage.
Visual : no issues.
Repairs : none.
Engraving : sharp logo on all parts.

Keywork : nickel plated.
Condition : very good.
Pads : new.

Bell : Grenadille wood, with nickel plated rings.
Condition : very good.

Barrel : Grenadille wood , size 65.3 mm

Case : Original  Buffet case.
Case condition : very good, with light wear and tear.

History : From first owner in USA, further history unknown.

495,00 €
Product Number: CLT23