Artikel: Conn Transitional 6M

Conn Ltd - USA
Alto sax
Transitional 6M
Manufactoring date:
Silver plated body and keywork
Conn Transitional 6M
Brand : Conn Ltd - USA
Type : Transitional 6M
Serial : M250385
Year : 1932



General description : Rolled tone holes, double socket neck with micro tuner, almost entirely identical to the 6M Ladyface model. This is one of the first ones with the Naked Lady engraving. It has the Std D mark on the microtuner. Matt silver plated body with the shiny silver plated keywork and the gold wash bell, just like most of the ChuBerry alto´s from the previous years. Not many of these were made in silver finish.

Condition : Overhauled by MRO in April 2019.

Warranty : 1 year full warranty.

Level : professional.

Body :  silver plated.
Condition : excellent.
Visual : no issues.
Repairs : none.
Engraving : sharp Ladyface engraving.

Keywork : silver plated.
Condition : very good, with light silver wear.
Pads : new.

Neck : silver plated, with functional microtuner.
Condition : excellent.

Features : Rolled tone holes / Double socket neck / microtuner.

Case : original case.
Case condition :  good, with normal wear and tear.

History : the sax was imported from the USA in 2018. It was sold by it´s second owner, a former 87-years old semi-pro musician who played it from time to time in the Chicago jazz´scene in the ´60s and ´70s. He bought it from a retired jazz musician in 1961. He took great care of his saxes and had them checked and adjusted every 2 year. Last time it was played was probably in 2001, when he stopped playing alto saxophone. He´s still playing the clarinet from time to time these days. Respect.......

Remarks : The sax is in excellent condition, with no dents or damage. All lock screws provided. No rust marks. Silver plating is in excellent condition, with only very light wear on the touch points. The previous owner had the original thumb rest replaced by a modern one. The neck is in perfect condition also, with fully functional microtuner mechanism.

Price : 2295 euro

€ 2 295,00
Product Number: AS12