Yamaha YTS-32 purple logo

  • Posted on: 1 May 2018
  • By: Mark

I jus finished a full maintenance check on a purple logo Yamaha YTS-32 tenor saxophone, and thought it might be a good idea share my thoughts on this horn. The Yamaha purple logo horns seem to be the best (from all series and types) and there's a real cult following on this. Why?...... Well : just try one and compare it with a regular sax from the same series. In this case I compared this YTS-32 (after the maintenance check) with an older YTS-62 (no purple logo) from a customer : there's hardly any difference in feel or sound. I tested both horns with multiple different mouthpieces : Yamaha 4C, Selmer C*, Otto Link STM6, Meyer 5, Selmer Soloist C** : I couldn't tell the difference. Of course the YTS-62 is way more expensive...... So I can confirm the YTS-32 is a very good horn, suitable for all kinds of music, and both for student and professional use.

The YTS-32 purple logo is for sale on my website for 950 euro, including case, mouthpiece Yamaha 4C and strap.