Conn 28M Connstallation

  • Posted on: 6 March 2018
  • By: Mark

Wow..... Probably the nicest example of the famous and rare 28M alto saxophone: the best saxophone ever produced by Conn (and probably the best alto ever).  This one is in almost mint condition and it's really worth having a look at the pictures in the attachment, as this is a completely different saxophone design.....

What Conn said:  New Tone... New Action... New Styling... Here's built-in "Modern Tone", the result of a combination of sensational new developments, including an entirely new bore. New, faster, smoother action results from a completely new key mechanism which achieves an efficiency and ease of operation never before realized. New styling features, from mouthpiece to bell, make the Connstellation superb in appearance... the ultimate in functional design.  New double octave venting: Compare old type single octave venting of tone holes (represented by coverage of light from single lamp) with that of NEW double venting (like coverage of two lamps). The NEW principle puts vents closer to tones they influence. Result: no more stuffy middle D or thin G and G#.  Natural key action: Unlike the old-type keys that require varied finger movements, the NEW Connstellation key action follows finger direction - ALL keys depress in identical, natural movement. Here's greater comfort, faster execution.

Info from the Saxpics website : An excellent horn designed with input from Santy Runyon, but primarily by Hugh Loney, with reference to many Allen Loomis patents. It is possibly the most rare and sought after production Conn. It is also completely different from any other Conn available. Features:
- Underslung octave key, but no microtuner neck.
- Straight tone holes
- "Slick" balanced action. Players have commented that the horn plays like each key had been sprayed with WD-40. That's a good thing :)
- Almost completely different keywork than any other Conn.
- And the horn's signature: a large plastic keyguard (patented2) on the LH side of the horn that covers the bell keys and low keyrods. This guard is decorated with gold filigree and the Conn "three marching guys."
ONLY alto models were produced (patent drawings do suggest a tenor, but one was never produced). You had your choice of finishes, as long as it was lacquer......

This example is in original and almost mint condition, without any damage or dents on body or keywork. The original amber rollers have some wear: see the pictures for further details. The original laquer is in extremely good condition, only light laquer wear from normal use. The original plastic pants guard has no cracks!  It was completely overhauled in 2015 by it's previous owner in the US.