Tenor Conn ChuBerry (1929)

  • Posted on: 25 June 2022
  • By: Mark

In the collection there is a very late tenor Conn ChuBerry/New Wonder 2, which is very special. It is listed as TS35 in the online collection of MROsaxophones.
This is undoubtedly one of the first Conn tenor saxophones that shows early signs of improvement. So this is actually one of the first Transitional models! I have compared this sax extensively with a normal Conn tenor ChuBerry (serial number M198xxx) and a slightly later Conn tenor (serial number M256xxx).
On Matt Stoher's website there is a nice picture of the different Conn Transitional alto saxophones. On the top left you can see a Conn Transitional alto saxophone like the TS35, so without sculptured E key.

Here are the differences and similarities with my instruments:

1) TS35 has the standard engraving (ChuBerry model). Serial number M256xxx already has the Ladyface engraving.
2) TS35 has the standard E side key (model ChuBerry) and not yet the scultured E key. Serial number M256xxx has the sculptured E side key.
3) TS35 has the improved palm keys (model 10M) and not the old style palm keys of the Chuberry => Transitional 
4) TS35 has a key guard for the side RH F# key. Serial number M256xxx does not have it.
5) TS35 still has the old neck tenon screw position (model ChuBerry). Serial number M256xxx has it moved to a more comfortable position.

Conclusion: the first improvement Conn introduced on their ChuBerry model was the introduction of the improved palm keys, and not the sculptured side E key. This was introduced on both the alto and tenor version early 1929.