Renovation project : Buescher New Aristocrat altsax

  • Posted on: 5 February 2016
  • By: Mark


In January 2016 MRO Saxophones started on a new renovation project : an alto saxophone Buescher New Aristocrat . In original condition and mint condition !
This is a rare sax ; only a few thousand were built in the early 30's. This one was built in December 1932. A true cult sax ..... Sigmund Rascher was the first who played classical music on the alto saxophone , on the New Aristocrat . A New Aristocrat in this condition is extremely rare : the sax will be in almost new condition after the renovation . Body has been cleaned and polished , the original snap-in resonators will be installed again after installing the new pads. See pictures......

Delivery expected late March 2016 .