King Zephyr Series III

  • Posted on: 26 December 2023
  • By: Mark

If there is an alternative to the pre-war Conn 6M Ladyface alto saxophone, it is the King Zephyr Series III. The Zephyr is almost identical to the top-of-the-range Super 20 model: differences are in small details and engraving. Body and bore are identical, and these obviously largely determine the sound. This example (MRO ID : AS115) was built in early 1942 and built shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941. The original lacquer is largely worn off, but the sax has no damage, dents or repairs. The original double-socket neck has the same serial number as the body. This `poor man´s Super 20´ is the perfect alternative to the highly sought-after (and expensive) Super 20.