Conn Transitional 6M (mid 1932)

  • Posted on: 25 December 2023
  • By: Mark

For a short period between early and mid-1932, some batches of saxophones (probably at most 500 pieces) were supplied without the Ladyface engraving but instead with the Conn logo on the bell. It is unknown why: Conn made quite a few changes and improvements during that period, especially with the alto saxophones. 
Here is a perfect and almost mint example of such an alto saxophone without the Ladyface engraving (MRO ID: AS114). Remarkably, this one also has the experimental STD-D neck. This neck still has the old microtuner. Furthermore, this sax has no Eb vent key and no keyguard bracket for low B and Bb keys: typical of this period.
The sax can compete with any Selmer MK6 and plays superbly.