Baritone saxophone Buescher 400 (1968)

  • Posted on: 3 December 2022
  • By: Mark

Trade-in instrument: baritone saxophone Buescher 400, in excellent technical condition and overhauled with Toptone pads.
The Buescher 400 bari are known for their tremendous sound. This is definitely a bari with balls!
Some minor changes were introduced after about 1965: they do not have a model number (B400) engraved with the serial number and the G# key is engraved with ´Buescher´ instead of ´Buescher 400´. This is probably one of the first with the normal steel springs instead of the Norton screw-in springs used in the previous series. It has the Buescher 400 logo on the bell, with no further engraving. These baris have the low B and Bb on the back of the bell and do not have a low A or high F# key. They have a lacquered body with nickel-plated keywork.
This one was built around 1968.