Artikel: Selmer Serie 10 - Full Boehm

Selmer - Paris
Bb clarinet
Serie 10 - Full Boehm
Manufactoring date:
Grenadille body with silvered keywork (85%)
Selmer 10 Full Boehm

General : The Selmer 10 clarinet is a vintage professional clarinet model, made by Selmer - Paris. There's lots of info available on the internet regarding these clarinets.  It's a very free blowing instrument, perfect for the experienced musician. Only a handfull were made in the Full Boehm version, so with the low Eb key and extra keywork. The grenadille body is of excellent quality. Serial number W6833 refers to 1971, the golden age for Selmer clarinets.  It plays beautifully, with comfortable keywork layout. The clarinet had a complete overhaul in june 2017, using white leather Roopads. 

Condition : This instrument has been used quite a lot, so it's not in mint condition, The silver plating has plenty of wear through normal use, but no sharp edges or crisps anywhere. Main body parts have a couple of minor scratches but no cracks. These findings have no influence on playablity or sound. See the may detailed pictures below.

Technical info : Bore 14.80 / 14.40 mm    : Barrel  = 65.0 mm     : Tuning A = 442 Hz

Details : Delivery including case, in usable condition. Mouthpiece is not included but optionally available.

Overhaul : Complete overhaul in june 2017, using white leather Roopads.

Warranty : 1 year full warranty.

Product Number: W6833