Artikel: The Elkhart (Martin) soprano

The Elkhart - Indiana
Soprano sax
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Manufactoring date:
1920's ?
Silver plated body and keywork (99%)
The Elkhart - Indiana - soprano saxophone

General : History on The Elkhart (Indiana) can be found on internet. This is a rare example of an The Elkhart soprano saxophone, most likely made in the 1920's. It features the beveled tone holes, just like the Martin-made saxophones. This one is in remarkable condition and has no damage. The silver plated body and keywork show only very light wear from normal use. It was stored for many years by it's first owner and had the original white leather pads when it came into our shop. Once restored with black Roopads it plays beautifully again, with a very warm sound. These are no beginners horns! They require a good intonation, played on a vintage mouthpiece with a small opening and big chamber. The sound is completely different compared to a modern soprano. Perfect for jazz! Tuning A=440 Hz, Low Pitch.

Condition : Completely overhauled with black Roopads and technically in perfect playing condition. Modern materials were used, like techcork and teflon, to ensure it plays as smooth as possible. Optionally it looks beautifully, with a very nice engraving and no damage. 

Extra : Delivery including the original case, in fine condition. Mouthpiece is not included but optionally available.

Overhaul : completely overhauled with black Roopads in januari 2015.

Warranty : 1 year full warranty,


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