Artikel: Buffet Crampon - Evette - Master Model

Buffet Crampon
Bb clarinet
Evette - Master Model
Manufactoring date:
Grenadille body with nickel keywork (95%)
Buffet Crampon Evette Master Model

General: The Evette Master Model is the earlier model of the Buffet Crampon E12 (until around 1980) according Wikipedia. This one is marked "Made by Buffet Crampon" and is thus indeed manufactured at the Buffet factory, unlike most models with serial number prefix" D ". Not all the information on the Internet is correct ..... I've  also seen prefix "K" Master Model clarinets marked "Modele Buffet Crampon ", which are not assembled at the Buffet facility. But (of course) what matters is the tone, playability and the quality of the instrument. No doubt about this: it is a higher segment intermediate clarinet. The wood is of excellent quality and the rods and keywork fit perfectly. Sound is warm and full, with very good tuning over the entire range. It's way better than any modern Buffet Crampon E12 clarinet and sounds as good as a vintage E13. This instrument comes from first owner.

Condition: Wood is free of cracks, and of a very high quality. Nickel-plated keywork is in used condition, with wear at the usual places from normal use. No sharp edges from crumbled nickel. See the many pictures for details.......

Technical information: Bore: 14.80 / 14:60 mm     Barrel : 65.0 mm                   tuning : A = 440 Hz. 

Details: Delivery including good case (used). Mouth piece is included (Selmer B) with ligature and cap, in almost new condition.

Overhaul: This instrument was recently overhauled (not at MROsaxophones) with white leather pads. 

Warranty: 1 year full warranty.

Product Number: D25040