Artikel: Selmer USA Mazzeo System

Selmer USA
Bb clarinet
Mazzeo System (Bundy)
Manufactoring date:
around 1970
Resonite body with nickle plated keywork
Selmer USA Mazzeo System

General : The Mazzeo Sysyem clarinet was build by both Selmer Paris (professional models)  and Selmer USA. The Signet was their intermediate model, made of wood. The Bundy model was made of composite called Resonite and they are the most well known study instruments during the '70s and '80s, both for saxophones and clarinets. Many of them were build and many are still available as occasion. The Bundy Mazzeo Model clarinet was also build during the 70's (maybe a bit earlier?) as they believed the Mazzeo Model could be a major seller, also for study clarinets. But the Mazzeo Model improvements were not accepted in general : around 13.000 were build all together. 
General information on the Mazzeo Model system can be found on Wikipedia. They feature a different bell shape (without ring), a closed thumb F and a system to play a good sounding Bb (without using the octave key) by using any of the right hand rings. It works quite well when you're used of it...... On the Selmer Paris models it can be shut off by switching a rod, on the Bundy models it's always working. But it still functions like a normal Bohm system clarinet, so everyone can play it without problems. If you don't want the Mazzeo option, just remove a small piece of cork on the system key brigde.
This particular instrument was part of an auction from a music business in Illinois. It's in very nice condition and not played very often. The original tag is still in the case.

Condition : No damage, just a few tiny scratches on the body. The nickle plated keywork shines like new. The instrument had a complete overhaul using white leather Roopads, all cork replaced and keys polished. It's in better than new condition. It plays smooth from top to bottom and tunes very well. It has a nice sound and will be a perfect instrument for study, or for someone who wants to know the Mazzeo System. 

Technical information : Barrel lenght = 66.5mm : bore = 15.0mm : tuning A = 442 Hz.

Details : Delivery including vintage Buescher case, in good condition. Also included is a brand new study mouth piece, 2 reeds, cork grease and cleaning equipment. 

Overhaul : This instrument had a complete overhaul in december 2015.

Warranty ; 1 year full warranty

Product Number: 527797