Artikel: Selmer Mazzeo System - Modified Model

Bb clarinet
Mazzeo System - Modified Model
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Grenadille body with silver keywork (98%)
Selmer Mazzeo system - Modified Model

General : The Selmer Mazzeo system clarinet is a rather rare professional clarinet and hard to find: the Modified Model features the extra keys. Not many have been build, and this one is in very good condition. Here's the Wikipedia information :  
The Mazzeo system is a key system for the clarinet invented by Rosario Mazzeo in the 1950's and is a modification of the Boehm system. Exclusive production rights were given to the Selmer company, only 13,000 were made. Many are now in museums, but some are in private collections. The differences between a Boehm system clarinet and a Mazzeo system clarinet are : The throat B♭ using the A key and any one or combination of left-hand second or third finger or right-hand first, second, or third fingers to operate a linkage opening the third right-index-finger trill key, rather than using the inadequately vented register key to obtain that pitch; the same fingerings, minus A key, produce A; traditional (Boehm) B♭ and A fingerings are also available. The Mazzeo Models feature a left-hand-thumb plateau key and a ringless bell with less flare.
Full and Modified Mazzeo clarinets feature an E♭/B♭ key playable with the thumb, first, and third fingers and D♭/A♭ key on the left-hand side;
An articulated B♭ to C♯ keys; An alternate left-hand A♭/E♭ key.

Condition : Professionally used and well taken care of by first owner. There has been a factory repair on the upper part, with 2 metal rings and the additional * near the serial number. The bell has serial number 6812 (with no R prefix) and the lower part and bell are engraved to match the bell to this clarinet. No damage to the grenadille body, only one tiny chip on a tenon outside. Silver plating is in good condition with slight wear on the touch points. There are 2 barrels included : a Series 9 and a series 10S. The clarinet has been completely overhauled in september 2015.

Technical information : bore 15.0 / 14.85 mm       Barrel series 9 : 63.5 mm       Barrel Series 10S : 66.5 mm

Details : Delivery including modern style Selmer brown leather case and 2 barrels. Mouth piece is optionally available.

Overhaul : The clarinet has been completely overhauled in september 2015, using white leather Roopads. 

Warranty : 1 year full warranty.


Product Number: R6810