Artikel: Vito - Taiwan

Vito - Taiwan
Soprano sax
Not applicable
Manufactoring date:
Lacquered body and keywork
Vito -Taiwan soprano
Brand : Vito - Taiwan
Type : Not applicable
Serial : 938056
Year : 1980

General description : A bit of a stranger in soprano land: this Vito was made in Taiwan. So it´s not a professional Yanagisawa stencil, but surely not a cheap Chinese copy also. It features the high F sharp key and blue steel springs. It's well build, has a nice sound, plays in tune and is rather easy to play due to it's comfortable keywork. It's well maintained and was played only a couple of times. 

Condition : In almost new condition, so no need for an overhaul. All pads are like new and this soprano plays very nice from top to bottom. Perfect for a student, a doubler, or as back-up instrument. There´s no damage at all on this sax. The lacquer is in perfect condition, only some lacquer wear on the high D key. No dents or repairs. The previous owner in the US engraved the sax for some reason.

Warranty : as-is condition : no warranty.

Level : Student / intermediate.

Body :  Lacquer : original lacquer.
Condition : excellent, only minor wear and tear.
Visual : no issues.
Repairs : none.
Engraving : logo only.

Keywork : Lacquered.
Condition : excellent, only minor wear and tear.
Pads : very good.

Features : High F#.

Case : original case.
Case condition : very good.

History : Not available, from auction in the US. Imported in 2019.

Remarks : Some online research : This Vito soprano was built in Taiwan in the 1980´s, when the KHS factory started their production on the Jupiter brand also. Not much further info available, unfortunately..... It´s identical to the earlier Jupiter soprano saxes, the 1000 and 1100 series sopranos are the Jupiter typed available now....

495,00 €
Product Number: SS02