Artikel: Buffet Crampon - Pre R13

Buffet Crampon
Bb clarinet
Pre R13
Manufactoring date:
Grenadille body with nickel silver keywork (99%)
Buffet Crampon - Pre R13

General: This rare handmade clarinet seems to be a very early R13 prototype?..... It was build in 1948 , with serial 31057 and should be a standard Pre R13 model, with the leaf spring on the Gis valve and the shared posts for open Gis and A. It has a bore of 14.7 - 14.8 and the R13-cutout below the RH plateau......  Very strange.......
This is without any doubt a fully handmade clarinet. It's stamped "00' on both main parts as well. It has been played professionally. The original barrel has a hole for a pickup element. This hole has been sealed with a screw. A replacement R13 barrel (Festival) is included.
Tone, playability and the quality of the instrument is undoubtedly top-class: it's a  professional clarinet. This was also confirmed during the revision: the wood is of excellent quality, the rods and keywork fit perfectly and there is no slack in any adjustment. The nickelsilver keywork is in very good condition. It looks a bit dull due to the age of the instrument but has no significant wear. The sound is warm and focussed, with excellent tuning over the entire range. This is an amazing vintage clarinet!
Extra pictures of the main parts were taken during the overhaul: they are available in the Knowledge Base.

Condition : main parts are free of cracks and chips, and of very high quality grenadille wood. Nickel silver keywork (although not shiny) is in very good condition. See the many detailed pictures.

Technical information : Bore : 14.7 / 14.8     Barrel length = 66.0 mm  (original barrel)    Barrel length = 65.0 mm (Festival)

Details: Delivery including (original?) case. The case is in very nice condition and fully functional. No wear and tear. Mouth piece not included, but optional available.

Overhaul:  This instrument has been completely overhauled in April 2017, using white leather Roopads. 

Warranty: 1 year full warranty.

Product Number: 31057