Artikel: Buffet Crampon - Evette Schaeffer - Master Model

Buffet Crampon
Bb clarinet
Evette Schaeffer - Master Model
Manufactoring date:
Grenadille body with nickel silver keywork (98%)
Buffet Crampon Evette Schaeffer Master Model

General: Wikipedia info about the Evette Schaeffer Master Model (ES-MM): The Evette Schaeffer is the precursor model of Buffet Crampon E13 (until about 1980). The Master Model clarinet is the top model of the series, and should be classified between the E13 and R13 of Buffet Crampon according the experts: a type E13 + ..... Despite the various ghost stories, these are definitely not deprecated R13 clarinets! But quality of woodwork and keywork are identical to the R13. The Master Model is engraved in each section of the instrument.
What matters of course is the tone, playability and the quality of the instrument. This is undoubtedly top-class: it's a  professional clarinet. The wood is of excellent quality, the rods and keywork fit perfectly and there is no slack in any adjustment. Sound is warm and full, with a very good tuning over the entire range. Instrument comes from first owner. A modern R13 absolutely can not compete with these ES-MM. 

Condition : Woodwork is free of cracks and chips, and of very high quality. Nickel silver keywork  is in good condition, with normal wear at the usual places. See the many detailed pictures.

Technical information : Bore : 14.65 / 14.60     Barrel length = 65.0 mm     

Details: Delivery including  case (used). Mouth piece not included, but optional available.

Revision: This instrument has been completely overhauled in May 2015 (not by MROsaxofoons) 

Warranty: 1 year full warranty.

Product Number: K15869